Why Join Our Affiliate Program?

Dear Affiliate Marketer,

Are newbie and/or intermediate internet marketers your target market?

10 Minute Articles teaches marketers how to work far more efficiently - some reporting productivity boosts of up to 400%! The more work you get done in a given period, the more profitable your campaigns will be.

This makes the 10 Minute Article System a great product to promote to affiliate marketers or product owners.

We pay a generous 55% commission, which makes you $25.85 USD per sale!

Want to get started?

First you need to sign up to our affiliate program.

Affiliates are automatically approved, so you're guaranteed to get in immediately.

Second, checkout the affiliate tools resource area.

In here you can create campaigns to track your promotions; you will also find other resources that help you promote our products.

Thanks for working with Smart Fusion Marketing; we're looking forward to paying you many nice big commission checks!




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